Week 5: Perspectives on Mapping 2: Imaging

Lecture :  Vince Dziekan

Additional resources:
Culturescape  information sheet
Camille Henrot Grosse Fatigue

Cameron, Fiona. 2003. Digital Futures I: Museum Collections, Digital Technologies, and the Cultural Construction of Knowledge. Curator: The Museum Journal 46(3). 325–340. doi:10.1111/j.2151-6952.2003.tb00098.x.

Giaccardi, Elisa. 2012. INTRODUCTION: Reframing heritage in a participatory culture. In Giaccardi, E. (ed) Heritage and social media understanding heritage in a participatory culture, 1–10. London ; New York: Routledge.


Revisiting the campus
In week 2, you explored a location on campus using non-digital technologies. This week, you will revisit that location but this time you can take phones or other devices. Working in groups, you will collect the following kinds of material:

  1. Place your location on a digital map. A pin in Google maps is enough for now, but if you want to use the techniques you learned last week, you could also do that.
  2. Take photographs of the location. Ensure that you have wide-shots as well as close ups of details, and be prepared to discuss why you took particular photographs – what were you trying to capture?
  3. Capture sound at the location. This could be ambient sound, but it might also include talking to people about what they are doing there. If you do talk to people, make sure you obtain consent before recording anyone.

When you return to class, groups will assemble their material into a short presentation and present this to the rest of the class.


Working with images in WordPress, uploading to the Media Library, basic editing in the library and setting featured images.

Images and copyright: read the Monash library guide to copyright and images and discuss the following questions:

  1. Under what conditions can I use an image freely for online publication?
  2. From whom do I need to seek permission when an image cannot be used freely?

Educational Support Video -uploading photographs  in WordPress

Header Image: The Ammonite Cycle 6, 2008, Vince Dziekan (storyboard visualization of portable media content motion graphic, 320x240p, 60secs, designed for delivery via iPod)